Enhancing Safety and Aesthetics!


Architectural lighting design and functional light in one solution

Lighting Design in Underpasses: Enhancing Safety and Aesthetics!

Exciting news for the world of lighting design! De Kruijter Public Lighting is here to revolutionize the way we illuminate underpasses. With a focus on the latest techniques and innovation, we bring you a unique solution that combines both functional lighting and architectural lighting design.

Gone are the days of having separate installations for lighting and art in tunnels and underpasses. We understand the importance of creating an atmosphere that not only meets the safety requirements but also adds a touch of creativity to these spaces.

Our team has successfully completed remarkable projects, including the stunning underpasses in Zutphen and the N2-A2 tunnels. Through our expertise and craftsmanship, we have achieved a perfect blend of functionality and artistry, resulting in visually captivating spaces that ensure a safe and pleasant experience for pedestrians.

At De Kruijter Public Lighting, we take pride in our ability to simulate light using the most advanced techniques. By seamlessly integrating light art into the underpass lighting design, we transcend the ordinary and turn these spaces into captivating visual experiences.

Join us in creating beautifully illuminated underpasses that go beyond the conventional. Explore how De Kruijter Public Lighting can transform your tunnel and underpass projects into remarkable showcases of safety and aesthetics. Let's shed some light on architectural wonders!

The PLG09 ENSURING VISIBILITY WITHIN SHORT TUNNELS 2020 from Institution of Lighting Professionals talks about good practices by the example of the Zutphen tunnels.

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